Cornell blues

BluesBrothersAnd so the six weeks of 2009 School of Criticism and Theory have came to end. It will be strange and certainly sad to leave Ithaca – I’ve really gotten into the groove with seminars, lectures, colloquia, gym, receptions, sitting in library, participating in reading groups, etc. With about 80 SCT people around, you’re always bound to meet somebody where-ever you go, and often those meetings turn into spontaneous evenings spent together with food, some booze, and good discussion. In a strange way people have really grown together and I am sure that many of us will be meeting in the future. I am seriously considering coming back to the US for the next year’s ACLA conference, for the reason of meeting SCT people as much as to hear the actual presentations.

Anyway, tomorrow it will all be over and this means that I will drag my 30 books to a post office and mail them home and then slowly start thinking of moving back towards Europe myself. My initial plan was to fly from Montreal to Paris but meanwhile when I was trying to make up my mind over how and when exactly, the Paris airfare for next week flights went up about 4 times. As I am so close to Canada now – and as I hear that Montreal is a very nice place in August – I will probably just go there anyway and then make my way back to NY and catch my flight from there.


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