Isn’t it ironic…


David Pogue reports in his blog that Amazon zapped two book from its’ e-book reader Kindle as “the publisher [had] changed its mind about offering an electronic version”. I.e. people who had purchased the e-book suddenly discovered that it had disappeared from their e-readers with money credited back to their account.

This is of course a bit strange and certainly provides much ammunition to the ranks of Kindle-skeptics and opposers of e-books in general. However, the otherwise silly and unfortunate incident acquires a whole new level of irony by the simple fact that the books so recalled happened to be Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. And the cherry on top of this hilarious situation is of course the fact that both books’ copyright has actually expired and the full text is available in many places on he internet (for instance here).

I mean… what were you thinking, Amazon?? In terms of PR blunder, this thing surely ranks at par with the recent news about Gazprom’s Nigerian joint venture.


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