Theoretically speaking

Somewhat surprisingly my Odyssey has taken me to Ithaca only after six months of toil and travels.

Today was the first day of the 2009 School of Criticism and Theory, now in its 33rd year. I am going to stay here for the next six weeks, and it looks that it is going to be some pretty intensive time. There are 3-hour seminars every Monday and Wednesday, plus two public lectures and one colloquium every week, in addition to assorted social events. I will try to squeeze in some time in library as well, but we’ll see how it goes, as there is a lot of reading to do even without it. I am in the seminar on Fascism, Modernity, Politics, Aesthetics by Geoff Eley which sounds promising and, looking at the state of things back home, also very much relevant to the present.

Cornell University has a beautiful campus on top of the hill overlooking a town and the lake below, and it’s a very nice summer weather outside. Looks like it will be another one and half months of modern monastic existence coming up. But now, back to reading.


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