The City of Angels

angelThe skies were sunny yesterday in Los Angeles – which I hear is a rare thing here in June, when most of the days are kind of gloomy and overcast, like it has been today. It also turns out that it is very difficult to find reasonably priced accommodation anywhere in the West Hollywood/UCLA/Santa Monica area. The fact that it is a graduation weekend and a L.A PRIDE 2009 this Friday to Sunday certainly doesn’t help either. So I had a light meal in a place with waiters straight from the cover of the Men’s Health Magazine just a few steps off the rainbow-flag-studded Santa Monica Boulevard and then got me a cab to take me to a hotel on the other side of the hills of Hollywood, in Reseda.

The cab driver had a familiar sounding accent and indeed, it turned out that he was from Armenia. So we immediately switched to russian and he digged out a Raimonds Pauls CD from his glove department and put it on for the rest of the journey, with him telling me about his fond memories of Tallinn 35 years ago when he was visiting his army friends there.

Now that I am staying about 1.5 hour bus-trip away from both UCLA and everything interesting that L.A. has to offer it might be a good time to finish up the reading for the summer school and do some writing finally. I will have my meeting on Thursday and then i have to decide whether to leave immediately for NY. I would actually like to stay for the PRIDE – which should be great fun here (check out this competition for example) – but accommodation will be tough to sort out. I’ll probably take the trip to town tomorrow and evaluate my options then.


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