Saving the world is a tough job

winnerWhen having our morning fix at the Starbucks across the street from our hotel, we happened to sit at the same table with two elderly ladies deep in discussion. It turned out that one of them (diligently taking notes) was soon to be famous savior of the world and the other was her friend hell-bent on getting her there. The former was supposed to give a speech somewhere and they were trying to pack as much punch into it as humanly possible. From what we heard, the past life of the lady savior consisted of three main themes: 1) saving the rain forest – very important as if “the rain forest goes, everything else goes”, 2) protecting the children and 3) bringing democracy to the Third World. On top of that she had apparently done something to save baby tigers – what precisely that was we didn’t find out. They were discussing in great deal issues of positioning – i.e. how our lady celebrity compares with the likes of Dian Fossey and George Soros, who – as we learned – all have very narrow focuses; as well as thinking ahead on how to best handle selling the rights to her biography.

It was unreal, like something out of Baudrillard 🙂


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