FirstbearflagToday when I was sitting on a bench in Stanford campus, a girl with some seriously messy hair and a look on her face as if he had just been abducted by aliens walks up to me, apologizes profusedly and then asks “Could you please tell me what day of the week is it?” I was somewhat taken aback by the question as, to be perfectly honest, keeping track of weekdays is currently not my strongest suit. Anyway, after some quick counting and basic calculus I was able to state with some conviction that it must be Thursday. To which the girl responded “Wow… that explains a lot”, thanked me and walked her way.

This encounter goes some way describing the feeling of California – especially when compared to the upper East Coast cities. People are seriously laid back and taking it very easy, and I haven’t even got to the LA yet. I did manage to catch some cold here within the first two days though – on the first day we were wondering why on earth are people wearing scarves, jackets and sweaters in such a nice sunny day, but I suppose that now we know. The sun may be warm but the constant ocean breeze is surprisingly chilly and that must have got me.

I did have first of my meetings at Stanford today (went very well) with one more coming next week. As Stanford seems such a nice place and their library has a rather relaxed policy regarding visitors it sounds very enticing to try and find myself a place to stay in Palo Alto and spend another week here before heading to UCLA.

We have another two days before Helelyn will fly back, so tomorrow we might rent a car – which is dirt cheap here – and take a tour of the wine country just north of San Francisco.


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