¿Dónde Está la Biblioteca?

The bus trip that took 20 minutes from airport to Miami Beach turned out taking a whopping 1 hour 40 minutes when going the other way – and so it happened that once we made it to the counter we were politely informed that the check-in is closed and that the Taca Airlines flight to Guatemala City will leave without us on board. Luckily there seems to be plenty of traffic and so it ended with a $100 penalty for each, transfer in San Salvador and subsequent arrival in Guatemala a few hours later than we had initially planned. This must be only the second time I ever miss a flight – and given the number of close shaves I’ve had in that respect over the years I suppose it was long overdue anyway.

It is the start of a rainy season and Guatemala City is pretty high up, about 2000m above the sea level – so the temperature is very pleasant. There’s a somewhat more unfortunate side effect to living in Central American mountains – apparently the place was hit by a 20 second earthquake just a couple of days before our arrival, with shorter and lighter ones being a pretty regular occurence. Tomorrow we’ll probably take a  trip to La Antigua just a short distance away, but mostly we intend to tómalo con calma and just laze around. So no biblioteca for a week at least.


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