miamiviceThis morning I decidedly put on my pink polo that I have felt a bit awkward to wear lately, ever since I was asked to show and ID in Boston solely because of my curious choice of shirt colour (confirmed in my conversation with the barmaid). And indeed, while it may look a bit off when worn by a 38 years old male at Harvard, it is spot on in Miami where I landed this afternoon. If anything, I looked positively tame compared to all the silky cuban shirts with flamingos and assorted embroidery around.

Helelyn arrived about 1.5 hours later and so we headed together to our hotel at Miami Beach – and if anyone needs a place to stay around here then Circa39 comes highly reccommended. The service is very friendly, location great, prices cheap and the whole place oozes late 80s charm. And the helpful concierge dons, in addition to regular Miami Beach tan and ripped muscles, a t-shirt with a line “Let Us Spoil You” written on it. Too bad our stay here is going to be brief, as already in tomorrow afternoon we’ll head on to Guatemala City.


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