Fun in the sun

For the last three weeks my daily schedule has been pretty much unchanging – wake up at 10, breakfast at the hotel, checking mails and then on to the library. Every other day I break the reading for an hour and a half in the gym, then back again until it’s time for dinner at around 9-10pm and then the final stretch of library – usually writing until 2am, after which it’s time for bed. That is also the main reason why the posting frequency has dropped somewhat – there simply isn’t much to tell different days apart beside a different pile of books every day.

Not this weekend though. As I got on Saturday morning there was an invitation in my mailbox that was sent to the mailing list of the anthorpology seminar I had attended for three times – to go to Inman Park (some kind of a posh neighbourhood close to Emory) festival. Nobody seemed to have much of an idea what the festival is about, but the weather was fine and I really felt it would be lovely to spend some time outdoors.  It turned out being a standard American thing – enormous parade where otherwise respectable-looking people are dressed up as bees or butterflies, old men in straw hats drive tractors with gazillion US flags and a huge boombox fixed to the roof, high-school brass bands marching, and the like. The whole neighbourhood was absolutely packed, so after taking the initial look around we decided to duck out the heat and crowds in a pub with sidewalk seats and engage in quality people-watching for a couple of hours. Once the parade finished and the sun got a little lower we headed back to the park and spent next two hours mostly throwing frisbee – which is something that’s taken a lot more seriously here than in Europe. I learned a few new ways to throw it, although I didn’t manage to achieve anything close to the level of proficiency that one of our local hosts was displaying.

Once the festival thing seemed to wind down we stopped by a mall, stocked up on pizzas, beer and wine and headed back to Jen’s place where rest of the evening was spent eating unhealthy food and abusing alcoholic beverages while playing Trivial Pursuit. And once that exhausted itself some people decided to go on to a recording studio nearby where a spontaneous jam ensued – which went on to early hours of Sunday morning. This unfortunately meant that today was not the most productive day in terms of reading or writing, but who cares. I will have another full week here before flying to Miami where we will meet up with Helelyn on next Monday in order to head on to Guatemala together on Tuesday. And after that it will be on to the West Coast about 9 days later.


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