Georgia on my mind

In Atlanta trees are blossoming, grass is green and accents are thick as maple syrup. People on the street not only look you in your eyes, but also actually smile at you and say hello – for someone coming from NYC this is enough to cause a mild shock.

Both architecture and overall ambience have changed a lot from north and at some places you could be excused of thinking that you’re somewhere in Britain rather than in the US – that is until someone opens their mouth and you’re immediately reminded of the famous line by George Bernard Shaw: “England and America are two countries divided by a common language“.

This morning it was actually snowing briefly, but rest of the week is going to get nicer and weekend should be sunny and in low 20s Celsius in the Coca-Cola city. I found myself a very conveniently located and surprisingly affordable place to stay – so now I only need the library ID and I’m set  for the next couple of weeks again.


2 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind

  1. Methinks this is my grand moment NOT to read it – I think I will die a better person this way.

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