Forever young

barbieToday, for the first time over what must be about 15 years, I was asked for an ID at the restaurant when ordering a glass of wine. The waiter seemed to be genuinely surprised to find out that I was getting close to turning 38, so it didn’t seem to be a matter of some formal procedure. Not bad at all, even if I do say so myself. I guess I now just have to figure out what’s my secret.

By the way, this month marks the 50th anniversary of another rather well-preserved character – Barbie. There have been several articles marking the occasion, but this one from December last year by Guardian is certainly the best out of those that I have seen. If you can’t be bothered reading, then do check out the picture gallery it makes for some fascinating viewing. Barbie really is a whole lot more than simply a toy, it has became an icon, both loved and loathed, for a whole generation that has grown up in the Western world at times when women’s role and status in the society, as well as the society’s attitudes toward women, have gone through some pretty remarkable changes.

In terms of quotidian matters – getting a library access at Harvard turned out being very straightforward – it only took a confirmation letter to prove that I am what I was claiming to be. The first 6 days is free after which you can extend the pass for a fee (rather hefty one, I should add). I am going to stay here for another few days and then, probably on Wednesday, head on to Cornell for about a week. It feels pretty good to be at the desk again, back in the gear and actually doing what I came here to do.


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