New York

empirestateAs I mentioned in the previous post, it is now 15 years ago since I last was in New York. As soon as I made it through customs and immigration, I immediately had an opportunity to find out that some things haven’t changed a bit – the lady at ground transportation counter was indifferent to the point of being rude. I’m sure I will get used to it in a couple of days, it is just that right now my expectations are set by British standards of public service and assistance.

The weather is very nice – people walk on the streets in t-shirts and cafes have spread their tables to sidewalks. Apparently this is rather recent development as just a couple of days ago there had been several inches of snow on the ground – some of it was still visible from air when we were approaching the airport. As I arrived here without a reservation and the hotel I intended to say at was fully booked for last night, I was bumped to another cheapie about ten blocks up in Chelsea. I woke up a bit before 6 am, switched on TV and watched it for about 30 minutes in utter disbelief – I had quite forgot how bad the US cable TV really was. After checking out I had a long walk this morning and it’s all coming back to me – streets full of yellow cabs, morning joggers with headphones on, people walking on the streets while singing at the top of their voices, prices not including taxes, muffins being the size of my two fists, and of course getting pestered at every other street corner for spare change.


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