Take-off, landing, and take-off again

uncle-samIt was only yesterday that we arrived in London after 17 hours of flying and already tomorrow I will leave Europe again, this time for quite a few months. My flight leaves Heathrow at 14:45 and 8 hours later I should be in New York. This means that I will have flown more than 15,000 kilometers over less than three days – in addition to a gargantuan carbon footprint this is bound to royally screw up my internal clock and result, in all likelihood, in a jet-lag from hell. 

After sending Helelyn off to Gatwick in the afternoon I first had what was probably the most expensive haircut in my life so far by singaporean Style Director at Toni & Guy in Victoria Station and then decided to visit my favourite London bookstore – Waterstone’s at Picadilly. And of course, it didn’t end well. I did’t buy one book or two, I bought six, and this was after putting three more books back on shelves after long internal struggles. I guess my only excuse is that I managed to keep the damage below a £50 mark.

Speaking of books – taking a Tube in London always reminds me of a short story by Jeremy Dyson called “City Deep”. If you like Roald Dahl and have been to London underground later at night this story is a true gem and you should immediately go and track down Dyson’s book “Never Trust a Rabbit” and read it. You can thank me later. Today, on my way back to hotel there was a lady sitting on my left reading “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows” and a man on my right who was lost deep in a book titled “Plumbing for Dummies”. 

Anyway, it will be exciting to be back to New York after fifteen years, I am sure the city has changed a lot since I spent a few months there in 1994. However, hotels there seem to be as expensive as ever so this will probably mean that I will try to move on to Boston sooner rather than later.


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