Well-deserved break

lamaisondeteAfter a grueling day and night of flying we (I was joined by Helelyn in London) touched down in Mauritius early this morning. The landing was one of the roughest I’ve had anywhere but nonetheless managed to evoke a hearty applause – which left me wondering about what the local standard might be.

A short compulsory round of bargaining over the taxi fare and the subsequent one hour drive later we found ourselves at La Maison D’Été, in Post Lafayette, North Mauritius, that is going to be our home for the next week or so. As the picture attests, it’s a thoroughly lovable place – we have a small house that opens straight to the booming surf and a lagoon just about 50 meters away. In addition to the ceiling fan, kitchenette and plenty of thoughtful and nice touches, we also have a big button with letters PANIC written on it. Jean-Claude, the owner of the place, promised to “come running” whenever we press it – assuming that other rooms are similarly equipped it probably explains why he looks as fit as he does.

Jean-Claude and his wife also keep an acclaimed restaurant in premises that, based on tonight’s sampling, got high marks from us too. I will have to look up what is French for dolce far niente as it seems that there is quite a bit of that coming up.


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