When in Rome

rome-bwIn February there are some fabulous deals to be had accommodation-wise in Rome. For a mere €10 more than what I had to dish out for a rather bare room 15 minutes walk from the center in Amsterdam, I stay here in a truly stylish Relais’ boutique hotel right in centro storico, between Piazzi Navona and Vatican, both just a short walk away. The sky is cloudless and the smell of freshly roasted coffee and chestnuts permeates the crisp morning air. The place is hardly devoid of tourists though. When I made it to St. Peter’s at around 10 am, the queue for basilica already ran about two thirds way along the colonnade – and that means several hundred meters. Skipped it for now but I will probably try again tomorrow; if Ratzinger is in town it’s a good chance to get blessed by the highest authority on earth at the same time.

And food, of course, is seriously tasty. I had already grown accustomed to eating just twice a day and rather lightly so that I suspect having already lost most of that ten pounds that I set as a target at the beginning of the year – I’m afraid this is going to change here, especially with places as Bologna, Modena and possibly Parma coming up.

I just had my finger-lickingly good lunch and now it seems to be a pretty good time for some dolce far niente – sweet doing nothing.


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