In the Silent City

mdina-gateMdina is only a 30 minutes by bus from Valletta and getting here made me realise just how small an island Malta really is. On a map, it looks right at the middle of the island, while walking on the ancient ramparts of the walled city of Mdina you can see the sea all around you.

Mdina is known as the Silent City and, at least in February, this is truly so. Last night when I was walking around after the dusk along the streets narrow enough that I could touch the walls on both sides just by spreading my arms, the city was completely empty, not a soul at sight. There were a few restaurants open, logs in the fireplace and tables set but nobody sitting there and no waiters visible anywhere. It was eerie.

It is a magical place – but if you do come here then don’t visit just for a daytrip, stay in Mdina so that you can see the place once the day-trippers are gone.

Tomorrow I will head back to Valletta and then decide if I will go on to Gozo for another couple of days or leave Malta for this time and take a ferry to Sicily. Any suggestions?


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