Sad state of British pound

t-shirtThe British pound sterling has recently taken some serious beating, its value losing ground against pretty much every other major currency in the world. This sad ordeal is further manifested in the fact that today I found a t-shirt at Harvey Nichols which cost, I kid you not, £695. Of course, there have always been collector items and curios, one of a kind articles and shoes with diamonds on their soles that fetch astronomical prices, but hey, this was just a t-shirt on a rack, sold in a department store.

Luckily, rest of the prices in London haven’t quite caught up with t-shirts so generally it is pretty nice to spend your time and money (should you happen to have any of either) here at the moment. I just saw on TV that Gordon Ramsay is offering £15 set lunches, so if you blow your 700 quid on a t-shirt you can at least go and dine in style and recoup some of that damage.

For better or worse, I am here for just a day and tomorrow morning my flight leaves for Malta. I think I will drop my old winter coat to some dumpster en route to Gatwick – let’s hope I won’t get caught in a blizzard on my way back.


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