Leaving Albion

Have some tea?A few days ago I moved to another B&B that is both cheaper and closer to the library. So now I stay with a lovely, slightly Roald Dahl-ish old couple whose fake smiles display their sets of false teeth. Mantelpieces and shelves are filled with assorted bric-a-brac, tea sets and silverware and the whole place has a bit spooky air to it.

Meanwhile , I have been making very good progress at the library and am therefore pretty much done with what I came here to do, and that led me to think of moving on. So yesterday I booked a flight to Valletta on Sunday where, if to believe weather reports, next week should be sunny and with temperatures up to 19°C – in short, perfect conditions for reflecting upon ten days spent along piles of books.

Speaking of books – I am finishing a thriller by Paco Ignacio Taibo II called “Four Hands” that has, despite the title, quite single-handedly rehabilitated the whole genre for me. PIT is to Robert Ludlum what Gabriel García Márquez is to Paulo Coelho and the book has been a true delight to read – comes highly recommended to everybody who has had even a passing interest in crime novels or political thrillers. I will dump a whole stack of books to the capable hands of Royal Mail sometime tomorrow and mail them back home – so if anyone has something from CUP that they would like to get, now is the time to let me know.


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