…and he rested on the seventh day…

bookstacksOn Sundays the library is closed and so I got my day of rest – which I honestly didn’t really know what to do with, but it is nevertheless nice to have a short break from books. I’ve been going through them at a rate of about 5-6 per day, plus a few more that I just open, leaf through and find out that they’re not particularly relevant.

Speaking of books, the annual Cambridge University Press’ sale is on and the only thing that’s been holding me back from going completely berserk is the fact that I would end up lugging all those books along with me for quite a while. In principle, they’re selling off their damaged inventories but I’d say that in most of the cases the damage is really minor to the point of nonexistent – I have leafed through a few books with some attention and failed to find anything wrong with them. At the same time, prices are mostly between £2 and £7 per book, which in some cases can be up to ten times less than in the store next door. There’s a big sign on the wall that says “No more than 20 books per person per day” – that should give you some idea of what’s going on in there. In fact, apparently the professors and grad students are somewhat annoyed over the fact that CUP postponed the sale from traditional early January to now, when most of the students are again in residence – otherwise they could have had the whole place for themselves.

Tomorrow morning I will head to the library once again, for another six days among bookstacks.


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