O tempora, o mores

Is it 'cos I is black?Cambridge University is celebrating its 800 year anniversary with zest. There are all kinds of happenings, exhibitions, performances and lectures, both public and private, all around the town. An anniversary booklet proudly lists different visionaries and otherwise famous people who have studied here, such as Charles Darwin, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and … Ali G, who even has his picture featured in a leaflet. I guess this is actually true that Ali G has both higher recognition rate as well as brand value among the potential new students than Darwin, and in a way Ali G’s anthropological fieldwork has revealed such levels of gullibility and plain stupidity in our collective gene pool that, believing Darwin, one can only wonder how did the humankind survive thus far. So, not only have we an African American president leading the United States, but we also have a man as an ambassador of the Cambridge University who has been quoted saying “So, if this show teach you anything, it should teach you how to respek everyone: animals, children, bitches, spazmos, mingers, lezzers, fatty boombahs, and even gaylords. So, to all you lot watching this, but mainly to the normal people, respek. West side.”

Maybe there is hope, after all.


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