Arriving to Cambridge

cambridgeAfter a brief encounter with smoked-out British proletariat aboard the easyJet flight (my first ever – flight, not encounter) I landed at Stansted one hour later, making up the time lost inflight by hopping a time zone. Flight attendants had accents straight out of a Guy Richie movie, so I could barely understand what was being said. It was a pleasant 30 minute drive to Cambridge so around noon I was already at my B&B where it turned out that my reservation was no good. I did manage to get a double room with £15 markup at the same place, so I just took this for tonight and will try to sort myself out tomorrow.

I had a short walk in the afternoon to get my bearings. Cambridge is a pretty impressive place – more so than Oxford where the colleges seem to be more dispersed. Here they are all pretty much together, forming a true university town. I’ve only seen something similar in Coimbra, Portugal. Picked up a new sim-card today (my new number is +44 7854637440 now, should anyone have something urgent to tell me), tomorrow I will try to get myself a library card, find a place to stay for next few weeks and try to open a local bank account – we’ll see how it goes.


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