Out of Office

oofAnd so it is drawing close to the end of my last day in the office for a while. It will be at least a year, and given that the current color scheme of this blog is not quite dark enough to reflect my views on the outlook of the financial markets, economy in general and Estonia in particular, it may well turn out to be longer.

In two weeks I will take off, first for Amsterdam and then on to Cambridge for a couple of weeks, and we shall see from there on. As Estonia is not exactly at the crossroads of the world, it doesn’t look likely that I will be seen around here very often in 2009. In addition to ducking out what is about to become the most dismal year in finance that anyone currently alive has gone through professionally, I will try to use the next twelve months productively to finish my PhD dissertation, among other things. In fact, as it is December 31st, it is an opportune moment to draw up a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2009 (in no particular order):

  • lose at least 10 pounds
  • read at least two of the following three books: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil and Famished Road by Ben Okri. Might actually amend that list once I get to packing my things but the point remains – read some books that I have put off for “some day”
  • circle the globe (and tick off Australia en route as the last remaining continent I haven’t been to). OK, there’s Antarctica as well but that would REALLY be just for ticking off.
  • finish the dissertation (OK, at least something that would be very close to finished dissertation)
  • play poker in Las Vegas
  • not wear a tie or high heels for the full year

Given that I will probably be on the road for most of the time it will certainly be tough to keep up with two of the main of my hobbies – golf and kendo – but I really can’t be bothered lugging all that equipment with me. In case of kendo at least it might actually not be such a bad idea to take a break – I’ve been practicing and teaching it non-stop for more than seven years now and I have to admit that recently it has became a bit of a drag. 

Anyway, I am excited on a New Year’s Eve and that hasn’t happened for a long long time.


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